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Analogies are a little bit like mental pushups. They take some concentration, and they strengthen those mental muscles. Like pushups, if you haven't worked with them for a while, they may take some effort to get going. But after spending time on them, they usually get easier, and you begin sailing through them, while having fun along the way!

The general form of our analogy statements is: A is related to B as C is related to D. For simplicity, we shorten that to:     A is to B as C is to D.

The basic idea is to think of a relationship which would make the entire statement true, such as: red is to ruby as yellow is to daffodils, because we could replace the is to with is normally the color of, obtaining the correct assertion:

   red is normally the color of ruby as yellow is normally the color of daffodils.
When an analogy is presented, one of the "slots" in the analogy will show four (4) options for its value. You must select a value as well as determine a workable relationship making your choice correct.

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